How to create a mood board for your next remodelling project

Creating a well-designed space requires an intentional, and focused plan to achieve the look you want. A great way to stay focused and narrow your choices is by using a mood board. Check out our tips for building one of your own and the tools to help you get started.



What is a mood board?

Mood boards are a collection of ideas that help you organize and plan for the design of a space. When the blank canvas of a room becomes overwhelming, mood boards help you to stay focused by narrowing your options to colours and styles that fit your aesthetic best. Whether you're working with a designer or want to do-it-yourself, this step can help keep your project on track and ensure that your personal style is reflected

Q&A with Claire Bruford – Yellowfox

What are this year’s trend?

This year we are seeing a strong move towards incorporating metallics in a range of interior scheme styles. Brass has been popular now for a few years, not only in character homes but also in minimalist contemporary settings. The warmth of brass is adding personality and softness to what can otherwise be a cold, hard-edged style and brings a European aesthetic to the interior. Black also continues to stand out as a strong choice for hardware. This reflects the ongoing trend for the 'industrial' look with Scandinavian influences. 

What finishes trends are you seeing?

The overall trend seems to be towards the 'natural' and the 'handmade'. Finishes that are natural, textural, handmade and matte are especially popular now. This is bringing a gorgeous organic softness to interior schemes. They can still be minimalist however the pattern and texture being introduced is softening these schemes. The juxtaposition of strong materials such concrete, glass and metal with nonlinear tiles, oiled natural timbers and benchtops with a suede finish create a beautiful balance. Wallpaper continues to be popular and the range available is enormous now. It brings the opportunity for a backdrop of pattern, texture and colour.

Is your creative process different when designing houses compared to apartments?

Usually apartment design involves working with a more restricted floorplan so not only does the design become crucial to maximise space, but the use of materials is also important. Maximising the natural light in apartments is important so selecting materials with a reflective quality can be advantageous. 

Where do you start when working a home renovation project?

At Yellowfox our starting point is always to listen. We listen to the client's list of wants, needs and their vision for the project. Usually they have already engaged an architect and there are plans to work from. We discuss these requirements and visions and then bring it all to life by creating kitchen, bathroom, laundry, entertainment unit designs and pulling together a beautiful palette of hard materials in the aesthetic we have agreed upon. These materials and finishes need to reflect the way the client lives and uses their space.