Brio launches the XY Adjustable Hinge

Brio’s XY Adjustable Hinge set is ideal for exterior and interior door applications as the innovative design allows quick installation of the discreet surface mount hinges on timber and aluminium panels while providing easy vertical and horizontal adjustment, and all without removing the door. 

Adjusting the hinge on an XY axis is as easy as winding an Allen key until the desired projection is achieved – on the X axis the hinge can be adjusted 3mm, and on the Y axis the hinge can be adjusted 5mm. Another benefit of the system is that by reducing the adjustment to only two planes, the compression between panel and weather seal is unbroken and the overall door or window installation can maintain energy-efficient performance. 


The XY hinges are available in a satin stainless steel finish for doors up to 100kg in weight. 

For more information email, or call 0800 477 869