Urbis Design Day 2017

URBIS Design Day is an event run by AGM Publishing (publishers of URBIS Magazine), and was held on March 24 & 25 at various locations within Central Auckland. The unusual aspect of this event is that it is not held in any one venue, rather the various architectural supply showrooms involved host a continuous flow of guests who are transported from location to location over the course of the two days. The companies participating are encouraged to think outside the square and provide their guests with an experience they will really engage with and remember.

To achieve this goal, the Allegion marketing team purchased six doors and collaborated with local artists to decorate them using a wide variety of artistic techniques. Once the artwork on the doors was complete, they were fitted with Allegion door hardware and placed in a showroom for the event. The artists continued to work at the showroom while the show itself was on, and were happy to interact with both hosts and guests during the course of the event.


The products Allegion promoted at the URBIS Design Day were as follows: Schlage Sense™, Schlage F Series Camelot, Schlage Verta™, a Schlage ME-60 Roller Deadlock with a Schlage Venus Pull Handle and Schlage 7000 Series Katz.