How Brio is teaching old doors, new tricks

When doing a renovation job or a new build, using old or recycled building materials make environmental and economic sense. While re-using or up-cycling can be a cost effective option during a renovation project, the materials that could otherwise find itself in a landfill. In fact, it is reported that a-fifth of total landfill waste in New Zealand is from the construction and demolition sector. 


Re-used building material can give any room a unique feel like new building materials just cannot create. Doors are no exception, with a long lasting trend of using solid wood doors to create a lasting feature in new or renovated homes around the country.

However, having older, character doors in a home can create some problems when trying to get the right hardware to tie together the theme of the room with the characteristics of the re-purposed or newly refurbished door. The Brio Open Rail systems are the perfect way to tie these together, giving a barn style, exposed roller look with modern twists and functionality. Brio’s other ranges of straight sliding door systems are perfect for those looking for a more industrial look, or those wanting to conceal the hardware within the structure can add the option of the Softclose devices which provide a more upmarket feel.


From the outside, in, Brio has an extensive range of innovative and industry leading sliding and folding door hardware.



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