Get the most from Schlage hardware

In an age of short life cycles and disposable products – it is good to know Schlage products are built to last. A minimum 10 year warranty on all our products, many with a 25-years to life-time guarantee. But how to you keep them looking at working as well as the day you bought them? Here are some tips on care and maintenance of your Schlage hardware –


  • Wipe the surface with warm water prior to cleaning. For stainless steel and satin chrome, use a non-abrasive mild household detergent and soft cloth, clean the lock body of all dirt and debris. For soft finishes such as Architectural Bronze or Polished Lacquered Brass, under NO circumstances should any cleaning product be used. An old toothbrush can be used to get into any difficult areas
  • Always rinse any application of soap away with warm, clean water and a soft cloth
  • Use a soft cloth to dry and polish the lock body and touchscreen on electronic locks
  • Once a year the fixing screws securing the furniture to the door, should be checked and tightened as required



Replacing the batteries in your Schlage Electronic Lock

Now maybe a good time to check the batteries in your Schlage electronic lock. The batteries in our range of electronic locks should last 1-2 years, dependent on the model and the amount of use.


When replacing the batteries, ensure –

1.    You use good quality, alkaline batteries (AA, 9V, AAA). Do not use lithium or rechargeable batteries

2.    You replace all the batteries at once

3.    Dispose of the used batteries responsibly


Check out our website for full care and maintenance instructions –