ECO Provides Additional Safety & Security around the Door

In public buildings doors are often not only very large, they are also exposed to particularly high loads. A strong and reliable electromotive door closer is therefore essential in facilities such as hospitals, schools, commercial offices, aged care facilities or kindergartens. With the new ETS 73, Allegion now has an electromotive door closer in their range that is specifically tailored to these challenges while also assisting with fire protection.


Large, heavy doors in public buildings are the exception rather than the rule, and at the same time doors are often used hundreds or even thousands of times a day. They must also ensure easy access for those who may not have the strength to open heavy commercial doors manually.


The electric motor drive unit of the door closer ETS 73 provides a powerful solution for these situations. It is particularly strong, allowing the almost silent opening and closing of doors up to 250 kilograms and a width of 1.6 metres. It can carry these loads smoothly in winds that are up to Gale Force 9 thanks to motorised wind load regulation. 


However, not all doors of a building are equally busy. For example, a home entrance is used less frequently than an office door and the ETS 73 has a setting for this situation. Using Full Power, the door opens quickly and automatically with the help of a safety sensor which permanently monitors movement in the area. In the case of an office door, this is usually not necessary. Here, the sensor can be dispensed with by selecting Low Power mode. This setting is also more energy-efficient.

Fire is also a significant issue in commercial or public buildings because people must be able to leave the building quickly and easily. Also, doors should close when necessary to prevent the spread of a fire. With the ETS 64-R variant, ECO Schulte has designed a door closer specifically for the requirements of fire and smoke protection doors. When a fire breaks out, a sensor in the unit detects the fire. This guarantees the safe closure of the door and the protection of residents, guests or employees - even in the event of a power failure. The reverse effect is also possible; with the inverse function the door closer ETS 64-R allows smoke to be extracted from the building. 

Both functions are pre-installed and can therefore be set at any time. In fact, all parameters of the ETS can be adjusted in a simple manner without an external control module or laptop using the device‚Äôs LCD menu. This makes the door closer attractive for assembly and service companies who do not want to have their own external programming device or special software for every device.