True innovation. Strong value. Introducing Schlage NDE and Engage

The Schlage® NDE Series wireless lock with ENGAGE™ technology is designed to be easy to install, connect, manage, and use. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, it is ideal for interior office doors, common area doors, and sensitive storage spaces with a cylindrical door prep. 


NDE Series wireless locks simplify installation by combining the lock, credential reader, door position sensor and request-to-exit switch all in one unit. NDE Series wireless locks utilise the standard 54mm cylindrical door prep and can be installed in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver; no need to install additional components, drill holes or run wires to each opening. 

ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile apps make it easy to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from anywhere. For advanced capabilities including user schedules, auto unlocks & holidays, NDE Series wireless locks can be managed with software from our access control alliance partners. NDE Series wireless locks can be updated manually at the lock with the ENGAGE mobile app, automatically daily over Wi-Fi 2 or in real-time when connected to an ENGAGE gateway. NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE technology are compatible with most proximity and smart cards including aptiQ™. 


Quick facts about NDE Series and ENGAGE:

  • ENGAGE™ is a connectivity platform that simplifies the ability to connect people and openings to deliver cost effective intelligence and efficiency to any facility
  • Conveniently retrofits into standard door prep without drilling additional holes
  • Installs in about 15 minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver Compatible with proximity as well as aptiQ™ smart credentials
  • Free cloud-based ENGAGE™ mobile and web apps make it simple to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from anywhere


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