Designing Hospitals for Quiet Recovery

Today's healthcare facilities are evaluated not only for their ability to provide cutting-edge medical treatment, but also by how peaceful they can make the environment for patient recoveries. This can be a challenge because, by nature, hospitals are busy places filled with constant activity and noise.


Legge’s Luxe. Portfolio of Finishes – Embracing brass

Exposing the hidden elements of construction such as steel beams and lighting wiring can create a life of its own, build dramatic styles and make a bold statement. To enhance this industrial look, embrace the beauty of raw and unfinished metals such as steel and brass in any interior commercial and residential space.


School lockdown – the foundation of a security plan

Access control is the way a school manages credentials and the access and egress of its staff, students, and visitors daily. It’s the most critical aspect of any school safety strategy. However, in the event of an emergency, access control is not enough.


Allegion Finalises Acquisition of Australian Residential Door Hardware Leader Gainsborough and API Locksmiths

Allegion, plc (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global security products and solutions provider whose brands include Brio, FSH, Legge and Schlage, today completed the acquisition of GWA Group Limited’s Door and Access Systems business in Australia.


New Brio Soft Close accessory now available for Brio Single Run 60 and Brio Zero Clearance 60

Brio have developed a new soft close unit which is compatible with the existing Brio Single Run 60 and new Brio Zero Clearance 60 systems.


Allegion Americas Honored by Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council for ‘Operational Excellence’

Allegion Americas, a leading security products and solutions provider, accepted a Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership (ML) Award for “Operational Excellence Leadership” at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit


Brio extends Zero Clearance range

The new Brio Zero Clearance 60 has been developed to provide an affordable solution for home owners who are looking to achieve an architectural look by installing full height or wall mounted sliding doors with minimal gaps around the door.


How to create a mood board for your next remodelling project

Creating a well-designed space requires an intentional, and focused plan to achieve the look you want. A great way to stay focused and narrow your choices is by using a mood board. Check out our tips for building one of your own and the tools to help you get started.


Brio launches the XY Adjustable Hinge

Brio’s XY Adjustable Hinge set is ideal for exterior and interior door applications as the innovative design allows quick installation of the discreet surface mount hinges on timber and aluminium panels while providing easy vertical and horizontal adjustment, and all without removing the door. 


New Brio Soft Close accessory now available for Brio Single Run 60 and Brio Zero Clearance 60

Brio have developed a new soft close unit which is compatible with the existing Brio Single Run 60 and new Brio Zero Clearance 60 systems.


Setting the standard

Allegion's commercial range of Legge long plate furniture and mortice locks are now covered by an industry leading 30 year mechanical warranty. 


7000 Series Deadbolts

Introducing three new ergonomically designed deadbolts to complement Schlage’s premium 7000 Series furniture. 


Available LCN door closer finishes

LCN door closers are offered in the following standard powder coat finishes which are available at the same list price:


Allegion to Acquire Australian Residential Door Hardware Leader Gainsborough, National Commercial Locksmith

Allegion, plc (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global security products and solutions provider, has agreed to acquire GWA Group Limited’s Door and Access Systems Business through one of its subsidiaries.


Brio Mill Finish Aluminium Extrusions

The range of Brio aluminium extrusions have been available in anodised and mill finish for most profiles. Product testing has proved that door hanger performance is greatly improved by running along an anodised extrusion


Dave Petraits - If I knew then

Dave Petratis talks to Crains.com in their “If I knew then” series which explores mistakes made by executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders that have shaped their business philosophy.

Read more here.



ECO Provides Additional Safety & Security around the Door

In public buildings doors are often not only very large, they are also exposed to particularly high loads. A strong and reliable electromotive door closer is therefore essential in facilities such as hospitals, schools, commercial offices, aged care facilities or kindergartens. 


Legge offers more choices with four new finishes

Legge’s range of finishes on its market leading door furniture ranges has expanded with the introduction of three new finishes; oil rubbed bronze, satin black chrome, and antique bronze


Defining your noise problem: The first step to solving it

To define your specific problem, you need a basic understanding of how to quantify both your unwanted noise and the sound level that will be acceptable. The difference between those two values is the degree of sound control you need to achieve with your door opening. That understanding requires a brief overview of the science of sound and its measurement.


Cost of Noise

Loud noise hurts everyone—and it's especially bad for business. Continued exposure impairs hearing and undermines emotional well-being, exposing employers to potential liabilities. Even at relatively low levels, unwanted noise can be a costly drain on employee morale and productivity. 


Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt now compatible with Android phones

The Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt is built with Bluetooth® technology, allowing users to quickly pair the lock with their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and now Android phones. Android users can now add and remove codes, lock and unlock the door, and check the lock’s status, history and more when within Bluetooth® range of the deadbolt.


Allegion helps Edgecumbe flood victims

Allegion partnered with Open Doors NZ Ltd by donating door hardware to some of the Edgecumbe flood victims as part of our commitment to our value “Serve Others, Not Yourself”.


How does your security impact patient, employee, and visitor satisfaction?

It is often said “people do not shop where they do not feel safe”. In many ways, healthcare consumers are no different. Although often directed to a specific facility by physician recommendation or health insurance constraints, many times the healthcare consumer does have a choice


Designing Hospitals for Quiet Recovery

Today's healthcare facilities are evaluated not only for their ability to provide cutting-edge medical treatment, but also by how peaceful they can make the environment for patient recoveries. This can be a challenge because, by nature, hospitals are busy places filled with constant activity and noise.


Keeping quiet

This case study discusses the successful installation of Von Duprin’s Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) in a healthcare facility. Louder environments are known to increase heart rates and create stress, so Allegion has reduced the QEL’s noise level to create more peaceful environments. Allegion seeks to provide productivity enhancing solutions to customers who value security and durability.


The Mechanics of Sound Transmission

When sound comes in contact with a barrier, such as a door, some of the energy from the vibrations transfers to the door. The resulting vibrations in the door itself then set the air in motion on the other side of the door—creating more sound vibrations.


Get the most from Schlage hardware

In an age of short life cycles and disposable products – it is good to know Schlage products are built to last. A minimum 10 year warranty on all our products, many with a 25-years to life-time guarantee. But how to you keep them looking at working as well as the day you bought them? Here are some tips on care and maintenance of your Schlage hardware –


How Brio is teaching old doors, new tricks

When doing a renovation job or a new build, using old or recycled building materials make environmental and economic sense. While re-using or up-cycling can be a cost effective option during a renovation project, the materials that could otherwise find itself in a landfill. In fact, it is reported that a-fifth of total landfill waste in New Zealand is from the construction and demolition sector


Urbis Design Day 2017

URBIS Design Day is an event run by AGM Publishing (publishers of URBIS Magazine), and was held on March 24 & 25 at various locations within Central Auckland. The unusual aspect of this event is that it is not held in any one venue, rather the various architectural supply showrooms involved host a continuous flow of guests who are transported from location to location over the course of the two days. 


Does size matter with green building security? FSH say yes!

Security in any commercial building is paramount – regardless of whether it is a green building, high rise or a small development; the protection of people, property and intellect is one of the most important factors in any building’s development.


Role of door hardware in safer schools

All education facilities are required to provide suitable premises, which are safe havens’ where students can relax and focus on their education in line with the Duty of Care Policy. A successfully designed educational facility combines security with ease of movement.


IoT impact on building design

When architects design a building, it is about more than just style or aesthetics. It is how those elements add to the user experience—how they are able to move about, function and even enjoy a building. And now, architects have another tool in their arsenal that is allowing them to take the building experience to a whole new level: Internet of Things (IoT). 


Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

The Bluetooth® enabled Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt hast the ability to turn an iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® into a key, allowing honeowners to easily talk to unlock their door using Siri®. 


Trelock Acquisition

Allegion, plc (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global security products and solutions provider, has completed, through one of its subsidiaries, the previously announced acquisition of Trelock GmbH and related companies


Schlage NDE Series

The Schlage® NDE Series wireless lock with ENGAGE™ technology is designed to be easy to install, connect, manage, and use. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, it is ideal for interior office doors, common area doors, and sensitive storage spaces with a cylindrical door prep. 


Industrial chic for all applications

Brio has introduced a new face fix version to their Open Rail Range, this product also combines stainless steel hardware, precision bearings and inlaid tyre to produce a smooth and silent action.


Schlage Product Announcements

As we continue to streamline our product portfolio, we have decided to discontinue distribution of B60 ddeadbolts, 46-100 sliding locksets, selected Dexter Series products and Alma entrance pull handle.


Choosing the right LCN closer

Door control is not just to close the door, but also to provide enhanced security by properly latching a door that can be adjusted to meet disability compliance. The proper door closer will control a door in both the opening and closing cycles to prevent damage and injury caused by abuse, wind or other factors.



An architect's perspective

One of our colleagues in the US recently sat down with Marceli Botticelli, an architect with Payette, to get her perspective on the issues architects face when specifying door hardware—and what can be done to ease those frustrations.



Paradigm Shift

“The intersection of design, engineering and science will yield some of the most innovative paradigm shifts during the 21st century – particularly for the built environment” - John Klein


Kaibosh gets a makeover

Our Allegion Wellington team demonstrated our value ‘Serve Others, Not Yourself’ over the weekend by helping out a local charity with a painting makeover.

In the rush of the festive season, it can become difficult to put time aside for others.  However, Marcel Dauphin, Kevin Hartigan and Alex Lyde did just that – donating their Saturday to help local charity, Kaibosh, paint their new premises.  


Industrial looks with contemporary style

Brio®, a leading designer and manufacturer of sliding door systems, introduces the new Brio Open Rail range.

Architecturally designed, the Brio Open Rail range is a collection of exposed rail systems, referencing industrial style with modern, minimalist appeal.


Reflecting designer accents

More than a year in the making, Verta’s story starts with a vision of an exceptional range of stainless steel furniture.  Working closely with a local design team, that vision was realised with a modern interpretation of a classic, functional product.

Starting with a traditional square shape, Verta features subtle design elements to define, elevate and modernise. Echoing classic lines with bevelled edges and radius corners, Verta features a central lineal crease - creating architectural planes that reflect light in every direction.

Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, each Verta lever transitions from a straight edge to a gently curved back, creating a soft touching point.  The juxtaposition of hard and soft, straight and curved, creates tactile surfaces which surprise and delight.


Allegion-sponsored project challenges students to create door hardware in 151 hours

Students only had 151 hours to create the design and prepare a competition-worthy presentation.​

T-minus 151 hours is an annual design project hosted at RIT. Students form into teams of five (freshman through graduate student) to complete a project assigned by the sponsoring company. As this year's sponsor, Allegion chose to focus on products for the aging population.