Residential Security FAQs


Can I get a key/key Euro cylinder?


Yes. Euro cylinders come in four options: Key/Turn, Key/Key, Key, or Turn only



I have seen a product on the Schlage USA website that doesn't feature on your website, is this available in New Zealand or Australia?


We do not sell all the USA products in New Zealand or Australia, please contact our Customer Sevice  team for clarification on a particular product.


How do I stop my front door from blowing closed?We recommend using a magnetic hold open door stop


How do I make sure my door closes shut?


We recommend using a door closer. There are a number to choose from, depending on the application and door. Please contact Customer Services if you have any questions.


I have a rebated door, what hardware can I use?


All Schlage door hardware can be used with a universal rebate kit

Freight Charges Per Parcel (Excl GST)


NZ Couries and Courier Post

- Bag sizes up to foolscap (275mm x 380mm)

- Carton and bag sizes over the foolscap


Daily Freight

- Order containing door track over 1.8m

North Island            South Island



$8.00                    $10.00



$12.00                  $20.00



$30.00                $40.00


How often do I need to change the batteries?


Batteries will generally last around two years, however we recommend replacing the batteries once a year to ensure un-interupted performance.


Is it difficult to change the batteries?


No. All Schlage locks use standard batteries, that are easy to replace from the internal lock body. If you have any questions, please refer to the user guide.


I am having diffculty programming my lock. Where should I look for a trouble shooting guide?


There is a trouble shooting guide in the user guide of the lock (found in the box or on the website under the product listing).


I currently have a mechanical deadbolt. Can I change it for a digital lock?


Yes. Most of the Schlage digital range fits a standard 54mm door prep, with either a 60mm or a 70mm backset


Am I able to change the internal lever/knob on my entrance handle/grip set?


Yes. If you have an F Series Entrance Handle Set, you can interchange the internal knob/lever with a dummy trim knob/lever from the F Series. If you have a Regent Series Entrance Handle Set, you can interchange  the internal knob/lever with a dummy trim from the knob/lever from the Regent Series.


Does the thickness of the door effect which set I should choose?


Yes, both the Regent and F Series of handle sets will fit to a specfic range of door thicknesses. Regent will fit doors 35mm to 50mm thick. F Series will fit doors 41mm to 51mm.


What are my locking options?


With most Schlage handle sets you can choose single deadbolt (key/turn) or double deadbolt (key/key)

Can I get a knob and deadbolt set that use the same key?


Yes. Regent Denver and F Series Plymouth combination sets (keyed alike standard) are available.


What backset should I use with a knob?


We recommend using a backset of 70mm. This is to prevent hitting your knuckles on door jamb


Can I get all my locks keyed the same?


Yes. Request 'keyed alike' when ordering your Schlage locks.



Is the privacy lever in the F Series and Regent push or turn?


Both the F Series and Regent Series have turn privacy buttons


Does Grande or Medio have a square-look option?


Square roses are available as an optional accessory for Grande only.


Can I change my existing hardware without any further door preperation?


It depends on the door preperation and the series you wish to change to. You can retro-fit Regent, F Series and Grande on the same door 54mm  preperation without further changes to the door. You can change Schlage 7000 Series, Schlage 9000 Series, Schlage Medio Series and Schlage Grande Series on the same 35mm door preperation.


My door preperation has a 54mm hole with a 60mm backset. Which levers should I choose?


The Regent Range, F series, and Grande range will retro-fit this door preperation.


I live by the sea, which levers should I use?


Stainless steel is best. We recommend using Schlage 7000 series, 9000 series or VERTA range. In coastal environments, please ensure you follow the care and maintenance guides to ensure the finish lasts.


My insurance company is asking  for a key/key deadbolt?


Schlage deadbolts are available in single cylinder (key external / turn internal) or double cylinder  (key internal / key external).


My front door is really thick - 60mm. Can I use a deadbolt?


Yes. Use a B Series deadbolt with extention kit (60-100mm think doors)

Does the Stella Sliding door lock fit over most holes from older sliding door handles?


Yes, most  sliding door locks are able to be replaced without much further preperation of the current door.up to 100mm thick.


Single cylinder deadbolt only.