The Victor Browns Bay



Designed for sophisticated living, The Victor apartment complex is a striking statement in the Browns Bay community of Auckland, with its modern mix of patterned concrete, black metal, grooved timber, and frameless glass.

The Victor is a short stroll to the beach, with an impressive panorama of the East Coast Bays and a lobby that opens to an atrium lined with living walls and upward views of criss-crossed access bridges.





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Seamless Access


During the construction phase of a build, contractors require construction keys to access rooms and provide security to the site for building materials, appliances, and tools.

“I’m a believer of securing apartments and having a controlled entry, especially when the build is furnished with expensive materials for kitchen fit-outs and prevention of any unforeseen damages within apartments nearing completion,” says Willis.

He adds that they would typically use construction keys, but they would inevitably get lost. “A lot of subcontractors are given construction keys and before you know it, control is lost, and multiple spare copies are required. This happens on every single project.”

For the build of The Victor, Willis shares that with the Schlage Breeze app, they were able to approve selected subcontractor representatives’ ability to access apartments and produce a record of what company opened a door at any given time. An effective audit trail that provides invaluable accountability and peace of mind.








Project Plan


Waide Commercial Construction won the bid and subcontracted NZ Hardware Limited for door security and safety solutions for the 56 apartments, 8 penthouse units, 5 retail spaces, and 60 parking spaces. The developer, Victor Jia, had a vision for the project that was higher than the standard door specifications for an apartment building. That is, more than just mechanical locks.

“That was what drove us to consult with Allegion and ask for something more than what was originally specified for the project,” relates Waide Commercial Construction Project Director Chris Willis.

Working with Allegion, NZ Hardware Director Wattie Galvin worked on a new door specification that included Schlage eGO ™ and Schlage Omnia ™ Smart Locks for the apartment units.


Confronting Challenges


The Schlage eGO Smart Lock was not yet available when the door specifications needed to be finalised and approved by the apartment building developer. The Schlage Breeze Hotel platform for the locks was in its final testing phases to bring new features and benefits to users and operators.

“The Schlage Breeze security testing process created a challenge in aligning with the timeline the developer had set,” says Galvin and adds, “but we had strong confidence in Allegion’s ability to deliver.”

He explains why he chose to use the Schlage eGO lock for the project: “The lock had been used in hundreds of hotels around the world. So, you knew it was going to work. The only thing I didn’t know was how the new soware worked. But I knew the physical product was going to do what it needed to do, and that was to lock the building. The pricing was on point. This made it an ideal product for this project.”

For The Victor’s penthouse units that have rebated doors, Schlage Omnia™ Smart Locks in matt black with Legge 990 rebate kits were specified, which complemented the dark veneer doors.

Allegion New Zealand’s National Channel Manager - Commercial Campbell Glennie states, “Once customers see the benefits of electronic locking solutions, combined with the additional value it adds to the property, mechanical options are no longer the default entry locking choice. It’s a no brainer to take advantage of the Schlage eGO and Schlage Omnia Smart Locks with the Schlage Breeze system."



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"I could walk around the site and enter doors I wanted through the Schlage Breeze app. I didn't need a key and my phone was always on me. It was convenient to not have to chase my site team for a construction key. Schlage Breeze allowed us to maintain control"

Chris Willis
Waide Commercial Construction Project Director





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Keeping Control


The Schlage Breeze app offers keyless convenience and the ability to configure and access a smart lock via Bluetooth. The app allows locking and unlocking of the Schlage Omnia and Schlage eGO smart locks:

  • program and manage unique guest codes; schedule temporary or recurringaccess codes for certain times of the day to control door access;
  • send virtual keys to guests with a smartphone for additional keyless convenience; view past activity to see when guests used the lock;
  • select length of time delay for auto-locking to make coming and going even easier;
  • receive low battery warnings with advanced notice;
  • customise push notifications; and
  • configure built-in alarm warnings.

According to Galvin, “The management system is fantastic. The only thing I didn’t actually try was to allocate somebody a set time to go into the rooms, and that’s because we never really needed it. You either had access to it or you didn’t. And if you didn’t, you weren’t getting in anyway.”

NZ Hardware shares that the handover training of using the Schlage Breeze app alongside the Schlage eGO and Schlage Omnia smart locks ran for just one hour, and that was all that was needed for the apartment manager to begin using the system immediately.

“It’s a great system and the app was just a breeze,” asserts Galvin.

Willis interjects that he likes Allegion’s Schlage smart locks, too. “I like it so much I want one to go on the front door of my home.”


Locking the Future


The Victor created a blueprint for future builds to offer the convenience of smart locks for both end users and contractors. With advancements in technology and a slight premium in price, it is more cost-effective to specify electronic locking solutions over mechanical ones.

On the success of the project, Commercial Product Manager Zebulon Hocquard states, “Coordination and communication are key to successful projects. Wattie Galvin and his team have maintained close contact throughout the project, ensuring that timing and expectations were aligned.”

Galvin says, “I enjoyed working with Allegion on this particular project. To be honest, it’s not just this project. I’d ring Zeb, ask him a question, and he’d give me the answer I needed.”

[Allegion products were used throughout The Victor apartment complex, including Legge 700 Series with Renoir levers, Legge 990 Series mortice locks, Schlage Form Series Albo QuickFix™ passage sets, privacy sets and dummy levers, and Brio Wardrobe Roll kit





“Working with Allegion makes the whole job seamless. Knowing Allegion is there to support when needed is why I continue to promote their hardware."

Wattie Galvin
NZ Hardware Director