Briton Cam Action Closers provide easy access for less able users

One of the principal objectives of a door closer is to close and keep fire doors closed in the event of a fire or emergency. For less-able users such as the elderly, small children and those with physical disabilities, a self-closing door with a conventional door closer can become make it difficult to escape safely. This is because the ease with which such a door can be pulled open can be severely compromised by the strong opposing force that is being applied to keep the door closed. 


In contrast to a conventional rack and pinion door closer, the linear cam action principle of Briton Cam Action Closers is extremely efficient. The initial opening force decreases rapidly as the door opens, allowing less able users to overcome the closing power without any problem. Briton Cam Action Closers offer easy opening and reliable closing, while meeting New Zealand standards. 


Briton Cam Action Closers are available in three models – high-performance (2700), standard (2300) and concealed (2400). The high-performance model is for applications where wind or air pressure is likely to apply significant force to the door or for heavier, larger doors.


Briton Cam Action Closer product features

  • The cam action reduces the amount of force required to open the doors, making it a perfect solution for facilities used by a wide range of people – including the elderly, physically limited users or small children
  • Closing speed and latch speed are adjustable
  • Ideal for aged care, healthcare, hospitality and early childhood centres, or any facility requiring compliant disability access solutions
  • The modern design and stainless steel finish will enhance a building’s aesthetics
  • Briton 2300 and 2700 closers can be used on fire and smoke barrier doors
  • The Briton 2700 meets UK Disability standards, NZS4121 standards and AS1428.1 disability standards. The 2700 model has been tested and meets Australian standards.
  • 10 year warranty


For more information about the Briton range please contact Allegion Customer Services on 0800 477 869 or