Industrial looks with contemporary style

Brio®, a leading designer and manufacturer of sliding door systems, introduces the new Brio Open Rail range.

Architecturally designed, the Brio Open Rail range is a collection of exposed rail systems, referencing industrial style with modern, minimalist appeal.


Available in round or square options, the brushed stainless steel rail and stainless steel fixtures ensure a smooth action and robust system.  Designed to work with both timber and frameless glass panels, the Brio Open Round Rail has capacity for panels up to 100kg, while the Brio Open Square Rail is designed for timber panels up to 150kg.


Brio Open Round Rail Timber has been designed so the rail centralises the timber panel while concealing the support brackets.  Heavy duty door stops and an array of bottom guide options makes this system versatile and practical for any application.
Brio Open Round Rail Glass will enhance a minimalist appearance with stainless steel strap fittings and a universal stainless steel guide.  Suitable for toughened glass panels from 8mm to 12mm thick, Brio Open Round Rail Glass creates a timeless minimalist style and can be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications.


Both the Brio Open Round Rail Timber and Glass versions featured sealed precision bearings and nylon inlaid tyres on the rollers, ensuring a quiet and efficient operation for panels up to 100kg.


The heavy duty industrial appearance of the Brio Open Square Rail Timber will suit any contemporary interior, with capacity for timber panels of up to 150kg.  Exposed precision bearings and stainless steel strap fittings offer a unique industrial aesthetic which is in high demand for residential and commercial applications.

A multitude of guides will allow these large panels to operate with or without a floor channel, ensuring flooring remains uninterrupted for a contemporary interior finish.

Long life cycle and quality performance are assured with Brio’s new Open Rail systems, whether used in a rustic interior or to create a modern and flexible workplace.