Wellington Regional Hospital - Wellington, New Zealand

19 May 2009


Product Used:

  • Reduced Swing Doorset


Providing or controlling access to segregated areas is especially necessary in hospitals, where privacy and security are important issues. However, a large amount of space can be wasted in allowing for the opening swing of a door.


Allegion was contracted to supply the door hardware for the Wellington Regional Hospital. The Reduced Swing Doorset was chosen for many areas of the hospital, due to its clever folding design that prevents excessive use of space when the door is opened, says marketing coordinator Nicky Falleni.


“Unlike a traditional door, the Reduced Swing Doorset has hinges at two points and comprises two panels. This design allows the door to fold in on itself in a concertina action, following an elliptical curve that reduces the swing area to approximately one-third that of a conventional door of the same width.”


The opening action of the Reduced Swing Doorset provides greater accessibility for people with disabilities. The reduction in swing area eliminates the need to manoeuvre out of the way, and results in a smoothness of operation that provides a greater ease of use.


As it uses a standard doorframe, the wall space on either side of the door can still be used. This is a benefit when compared to a surface or pocket sliding door. 

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