Auckland University Business School - Auckland, New Zealand



Products used:

  • Legge 990
  • Alpha 7000
  • LCN 1461


Along with the increasing technical complexity of construction comes the need for compliance to fire and disability codes. This in turn means it becomes important to specify appropriate door hardware products. Allegion, a global provider of products engineered to make a building safe and secure, used their expertise and world-class products and brands to provide the Auckland Business School with a total hardware solution.


Through collaboration with the architect, contractor and security consultant, Allegion was able to ensure the aesthetics of the door hardware correlated with the overall look and feel of the building, while verifying that the mechanical hardware coordinated with the security system.


To do this, Allegion prepared a detailed door hardware schedule, which incorporated products designed and manufactured in New Zealand to specifically meet the needs of the local market. This was made possible by Allegions’ local manufacturing operation.


As a company, Allegion is committed to providing products and services of a high quality. Its services encompass elements of design, specification and manufacture, resulting in a total door hardware solution.


For more information, contact Allegion, freephone (0800) 477 869. Email: Or view the website: